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Gamemasters (GMs)

What’s a Gamemaster (GM) and their function in the UAG?

(via Wikipedia) “A gamemaster (simplify as GM) is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for questions regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer game.”

The UAG was built around the idea of people coming together in the community and bonding over tabletop board games. Not only are you getting to know others, but this gives you the chance to learn new games, and even take a stab at running one yourself!

As a gamemaster with the UAG, you have the option to show your skills at local conventions and other gaming functions. 2014 is a fresh start to get GMs out and about at some of Phoenix’s most fun organized gaming events! Being a GM, you will be a vital part of the UAG presence at an event or convention, so please think about signing up!

What we need from those interested in GMing:

  1. Your availability for the convention
  2. Your gaming preferences:
    1. Games you like to play and would be willing to run,
    2. Games you like to play and are willing to learn how to run,
    3. Games you refuse to run,
    4. Any games that you would like to run and will be able to supply the game,
    5. Any games you are willing to loan to the UAG for the duration of the convention for anybody to run (we do not require any of our GMs to loan games, this is volunteer only)
  3. Maximum hours you’d like to volunteer.


Prizes & XP

Volunteering your efforts as a GM or elsewhere at one of the UAG’s events, will get you raffle tickets for hours spent volunteering. We’ve had some amazing prize support at past events, so this is your chance to win some cool shwag!

If you’re a member of the UAG, each game we have you down for earns you 2XP in the XP Program!

Phoenix ComiCon

PCC is a HUGE event for us! We help out the Convention by being a third-party GM crew. This year, for every 4 hours you volunteer, you get a DAY BADGE for YOURSELF and 1 GUEST. However, volunteering 12 hours gets you a FULL CON BADGE! You’ll also get a badge ribbon and raffle tickets from the UAG with the possibility for some awesome stuff!

  • 4 Hours – 2 Raffle Tickets
  • 8 Hours – 5 Raffle Tickets
  • 12 Hours – 8 Raffle Tickets