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Convention Officers

The UAG sets up an officer committee for each convention we volunteer at to ensure the volunteering process runs smoothly for our members, as well as having reliability for the conventions.

  1. The Convention Officers consist of the Convention Lead, Convention Librarian, Scheduler, Promotions and occasionally a Lodging Specialist.


Shared Duties of the Convention Officers

  1. Promote the UAG to outside organizations with respect to their assigned convention.
  2. Maintain ongoing communication with their fellow Convention Officers in regards to their assigned convention.
  3. Contact UAG Officers as needed in regards to their assigned convention and provide regular updates.
  4. If a Convention Officer is derelict in their duties or unable to fulfill them, their fellow Convention Officers shall notify the UAG Officers and a course of action will be decided upon.

Below are the roles to be filled as a Convention Officer. Note: You MUST be a member to become a convention officer, however you can GM with the UAG without membership. You as an officer have the opportunity to GM, as well as work together with a group to do one of the following:

Convention Lead

  1. Facilitate meetings, including creating agendas, arranging any necessary supplies, and maintaining order at meetings for their assigned convention.
  2. Organize location space for all meetings and/or programs of their assigned convention.
  3. Coordinate with their fellow Convention Officers in order to make all appropriate deadlines.
  4. Maintain a working knowledge of all processes and duties of fellow Convention Officers so that the Convention Lead may assist if necessary.
  5. Direct and coordinate all UAG members during their assigned convention. Troubleshoot all issues as necessary, requesting appropriate assistance from fellow Convention Officers or UAG Officers, at their discretion.
  6. Acts as point of contact with assigned convention staff.
  7. Carries out all duties listed in Article IX, Section 1.

Convention Librarian

  1. Maintains an accurate and up-to-date list of all games being used at the convention from the UAG game library.
  2. Receives an accurate game schedule from Scheduler and orchestrates the distribution and return of games at their scheduled playing time.
    • i. Coordinate with Game Librarian with regards to loaning of game library.
  3. Coordinate with Convention Lead with regards to obtaining space at the convention for Game Library.
  4. Carries out all duties listed in Article IX, Section 1.


  1. Coordinates with Convention Lead for their assigned convention with regards to:
    • UAG’s allotted table space
    • Hour fulfillment
    • Operational hours
  2. Contacts and verifies member participation and availability for assigned convention.
  3. Coordinate with the Pagemaster utilizing gaming profiles for members.
  4. Coordinates with Convention Officers to provide them with an adequate supply of staff during the convention
  5. Carries out all duties listed in Article IX, Section 1.


  1. Coordinates with Herald to obtain appropriate prize support for assigned convention.
  2. Advertises UAG at assigned convention.
  3. Distribute promotional material for upcoming UAG events and conventions at assigned convention.
  4. Promote UAG participation at assigned convention prior to the convention.
  5. Carries out all duties listed in Article IX, Section 1.

Lodging Specialists (Optional)

  1. Contacts participating members to get an accurate count as to who would like to obtain shared rooms at the assigned convention.
  2. Makes reservations for the appropriate number of rooms in a timely manner and coordinates lodging at assigned convention.
  3. Collect funds from participating members, pay the hotel for the rooms, and to buy food supplies for participating members.
  4. Keeps a stocked supply of food in the rooms for participating members.
  5. Carries out all duties listed in Article IX, Section 1.

Prizes & XP

Volunteering your efforts as a Con-Officer will get you raffle tickets for hours spent volunteering. We’ve had some amazing prize support at past events, so this is your chance to win some cool shwag!

As a member of the UAG, see how some of these roles will get your points in our XP Program!