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Convention Officers

Join us at local conventions and help make their gaming run smoothly by becoming a Convention officer.

Gamemasters (GMs)

Become a Gamemaster at a Meeplefest, game day or local convention with the UAG!

Additional Roles

Chair/Table Coordinator

  1. Makes sure we have enough chairs and tables for the event. This may require asking around for loaners, as well as renting any additional items.

Clean Up Crew

  1. Tears down, takes out trash, cleans up and other organizational tasks that need to be done post event.

Concessions/Front Desk Scheduler

  1. Finds other volunteers to cover 2 hour shifts through out the day.
  2. Will also have a final schedule ready before the event.

Craft Day Host

  1. Lends their home for a day of crafting.

Craft Day Attendee

  1. Helps create various decorations and prizes for an upcoming event.

GM Coordinator

  1. Sends out inquiries to past GMs and those interested in GMing, and asking if they’re available to GM games the day of an event.

Kitchen Coordinator

  1. Is in charge of the concessions meals, getting the items approved by the Officers and having the items ready and available the day of the event.
  2. A budget must be worked out between the KC and the Keeper of the Coin.

Meeplefest Host

  1. The host is those who lend out their house for a Meeplefest.
  2. They’re required to have the house in a reasonable shape to be used day of event.

Prize Coordinator

  1. Contacts local stores, as well as online stores to find prizes to be donated at the event.

Scheduled Gaming Scheduler

  1. Receives GM’s names and games they’re going to run, creates a schedule and coordinates with the GMs on their scheduled time.
  2. May be the same person as GM Coordinator.

Set Up Crew

  1. Helps clean up, set up, and other organizational tasks that need to be done prior to the event.

Contact the the Officers if you’d like to become a volunteer, or have your name down for future volunteering efforts.

Prizes & XP

Volunteering your efforts at one of the UAG’s events will get you raffle tickets for hours spent volunteering. Volunteers who aren’t GMing, are usually given 2 hour time slots.

If you’re a member of the UAG, check out the XP Program to see how you can gain XP in one or more of these roles!