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Membership Requirements

Donation of a $10 donation fee or game (equal to or more to $10) is required for membership. This ensures the association can continue on making sure we can create awesome game days for YOU and other local gamers.

Membership Benefits

The Game Library

  • Members will have full access to the Game Library for gaming needs (including personal game nights, gaming events and conventions).


  • We have a new interactive program which wins you prizes the more XP you acquire by coming to our events. Learn more.


  • Many Local Game Stores across the valley have teamed up with the UAG to allow our members discounts on games and other items at their stores.


  • You’ll receive gamer goodies each year you’re a member! Helping out at events will also give you a chance to win awesome prizes from us!


  • Many conventions with focuses on gaming often outsource to find Game Masters for their gaming area, being in a group for volunteering makes it easy for conventions to find reliable GM’s.
  • You’ll receive a custom ribbon for GMing at conventions with the UAG.
  • Though it is not the case for each event, being a volunteer at certain events will give you extra benefits that you wouldn’t normally have access to when just paying for entrance.
  • Networking!


  • Meeting others! You may feel like you know everyone in the gaming community, but you’ll definitely find a new mix of people as well as people wanting to start gaming!


  • Having a wide range of games, and access to the Game Library, you’ll be able to learn new games you may not have been aware of, or never got the chance to try.
  • Per each convention, GM’s may need to test run a game they’re willing to run before the con. These “Game Testing” days will always needs a few people to be used as test bunnies.

*Please read Article XII, Bylaws of the Constitution before continuing.

Article XII – Membership

Section 1: Membership
  1. To be a member of the organization there is a $10.00 due (or the donation of 1 game in reasonable condition, subject to approval of Game Librarian) due yearly.
  2. Anyone who pays the due is recognized as a member of the organization.
  3. Membership rights are granted as soon as the due is paid, provided all other conditions for membership have been met. These rights are not retroactive.
Section 2: Friends
  1. Any person who does not pay the membership due but does attend meetings of the organization is considered a “friend”.
  2. A friend of the UAG may go to meetings throughout the year but will not have any voting rights, will be excluded from member-only activities, and cannot utilize the Game Library outside of official use.
Section 3: Removal from the Organization
  1. All members and friends of The UAG are expected to abide by the policies set forth by the UAG.
  2. The purpose of The UAG is to provide a friendly environment in which gamers can gather together. Any member or friend found to be continually disrupting this experience will face possible expulsion from the organization.
  3. A member involved in escalated issues of arguing, disrespect, in-fighting, or general inappropriateness on more than two occasions within a 12 month period shall be placed on general probation for six months, may not hold office, but may continue as an organization member. If a member while on general probation acts in violation he or she may be suspended a minimum of 12 month or expelled entirely.
    • When suspended, a member may not participate in any official UAG events.
    • An expelled member may never rejoin the UAG under any circumstances.
  4. A member that volunteers for a convention and misses a scheduled game shall be sanctioned. A member that receives three or more sanctions in 12 months shall be placed on membership probation. A member that volunteers for a convention and misses the convention entirely shall be placed on membership probation. Once on membership probation that member will not be scheduled for the next gaming convention. Repeated infractions may result in general probation or suspension.
  5. A member expelled forfeits all rights granted by membership including but not limited to games and/or dues, excluding games lent to the game library.