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New to the Game Library? Here you can Search for a game you’re looking for by Title, Minimum or Maximum Players, Age (to play and up), as well as the BoardGameGeek rating. Just use the arrows next to the category you’d like to organize them by.

GameOwnBGG RatingMin. PlayersMax PlayersMinutesAges
Acquire17.39675369012 and up
The Addams Family Family Reunion Game15.464292610
Android: Netrunner18.33872224512 and up
Apples to Apples16.226374103010 and up
Arctic Scavengers16.81132254510 and up
Arkham Horror17.504411824014 and up
Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer17.15897143010 and up
Bang!16.6972473010 and up
Battle of the Sexes13.382628458 to 12
Battleball16.3110822456 and up
Battles of Westeros17.5568226012 and up
Battlestar Galactica16.6657111212010 and up
Beyond Balderdash16.78105264512 and up
Blokus17.0617624206 and up
Blokus 3D16.8856324156 and up
Castle Risk15.404582612010 and up
Cave Troll16.430924458 and up
Cavemen: The Quest for Fire16.60126254510
Chronology16.41276283014 and up
Cinque Terre17.0738425608 and up
Clue: Discover the Secrets16.17797366010 and up
Conquest of Pangea15.365822490
Court of the Medici16.65611222510 and up
Crappy Birthday15.8383648205 and up
Cutthroat Caverns16.70744369010 and up
Dragonology: The Game14.3943426608 to 14
Dream Factory17.13959256010 and up
Evil Baby Orphanage15.78081361510 and up
Evo (second edition)17.21453256010 and up
Grave Robbers From Outer Space15.74223263010 and up
Hanabi17.48575252510 and up
Hero: Immortal King: The Lair of the Lich15.3472123010 and up
High School Drama!15.537182560
Hive17.378822208 and up
Invasion from Outer Space: The Martian Game17.32987269010
Jenga15.510228205 and up
Kill the Overlord16.2415748458 and up
Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot: Red Booster Deck16.6280
Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot: Violet Booster Deck15.52860
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot15.63458289010 and up
King of the Elves16.2516426608 and up
King of Tokyo17.5186126306 and up
The Logo Board Game15.4705264014 and up
Mille Bornes15.6935426458 and up
Mona Lisa Mysteries15.69904353010 and up
Monster Factory16.4901226305 and up
Munchkin Zombies16.7265136908 and up
Nightfall16.70014254512 and up
No Thanks!16.9922235208 and up
Pandemic17.64528244510 and up
Pandemic: On the Brink18.14693256010 and up
Pastiche16.9575624408 and up
The Perfect Pyramid: Four Card Games in One15.791671530
Piñata16.93821223010 and up
Pit16.4125938908 and up
Power Grid18.028812612012 and up
Puerto Rico18.19077359012 and up
Race for the Galaxy17.82199243012 and up
Raiding Parties17.110532430
The Road to Canterbury16.991423608 and up
Rummikub16.2543224606 and up
Scotland Yard16.5281136458 and up
Scrabble Slam!15.1452624156 and up
Settlers of America: Trails to Rails17.029913412012 and up
Snakes and Ladders12.7882326303 to 8
Sorry! Sliders16.5473714304 and up
SPANC: Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls15.3307246014 and up
Super Munchkin16.09159369010 and up
Super Munchkin 2: The Narrow S Cape16.5189369012 and up
Sword & Skull15.47738256012 and up
Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)16.7284426908 and up
Tannhäuser16.457562106012 and up
Tannhäuser: Wolf17.09514226010 and up
Tannhäuser: Yula16.99864226010 and up
Three-Dragon Ante16.49927262010 and up
Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game15.68125202012
Trivial Pursuit: Totally 80s Edition15.033742445
Tsuro16.660928156 and up
Tumbling Tower14.7972216104 and up
UNO15.33486210306 and up
Vampire Hunter15.1721824308 and up
The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow17.054218183010 and up
The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow: New Moon16.737798183010 and up
When Darkness Comes15.62276169012 and up
The Willow Game15.6956261208 and up
Wings of War: Burning Drachens17.2159912458 and up
Wits & Wagers17.0575237258 and up
Wiz-War (eighth edition)17.26676247510 and up
Yahtzee15.1983210306 and up

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