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Meeplefest is an event we hold in the Spring and the Fall. This is the UAG’s signature event! Meeplefest is an open gaming event for all tabletop games, card games, RPGs as well as our Live Action Forbidden Island. These events usually take place at a members house, or community recreational area. Kids of all ages are welcome!

Check our Facebook Event page to find out if a Meeplefest is coming up!

Books 4 Games Gameraiser

Every Meeplefest we have what we call a Gameraiser! You bring books, we get games! It’s simple. The more books you bring, we take to Bookman’s to get credit, and buy used games for the Game Library.



What is the fee to get in to Meeplefest?

Meeplefest is a FREE event!

Can non-members attend Meeplefest?

YES! How else would you be able to know about this awesome gaming extravaganza? The public is welcome to Meeplefest, though you’ll notice we do have Member perks available at the event itself.

Can my kids attend?

Yes! Meeplefest events are ALWAYS Family Friendly! Kiddos are welcome, as long as YOU keep an eye on them! We have lots of games for kids of all ages, and will also have coloring pages available for the littles who can’t play yet!

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