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Battle Gnomes- A Review

By Willard Watts


This is a game of a turf war between gnome households. And it is literally a “turf war” as these gnomes live and battle in the yards of us big folks, using such items as pink flamingos and old Easter eggs. But don’t think for a moment it’s all cutesy because in every battle there is a gnome casualty collected by the victor. The player who has collected the most of these trophies by the end of the game is the winner. I found this game to be fun and fast with an amusing use of everyday items as weapons and defenses. Every gnome has its own ability and battle cards which can be used even by players not directly in the current conflict. It reminded me of “take that” style card games such as “Munchkin” and “Red Dragon Inn” but with a playing time shorter than either of those. Much laughter was gotten by threatening with spit wads, mushrooms and even the occasional bear trap. It was wacky fun, even to lose and made me want to play again.

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